GPI Conference Evolving HR 2022

Great People Inside Conference “Evolving HR”, Qosmo Hotel, Brașov

Registration is up and running for the Great People Inside Conference: Evolving HR, the only international human resources event that takes place for the XVIIth year in Romania.

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ theory is not restricted to the biological world and the evolution of species, but rather it could be regarded as a general law when it comes to anything that implies competition; if we take that into consideration, then we should ask ourselves: is there anything more competitive than the business world with its fierce battle for talent?

In today’s business environment, with digitization impacting traditional business rules, the need for an agile, responsive and adaptive work force has never been stronger. The talent landscape is now generating the largest disruption business has ever seen – employees feel empowered and in control to decide on how, when and where they work, what they work on, and if they want to engage with certain companies or not.

A Korn Ferry study reveals that “global talent shortage could threaten business growth around the world and indicates potential Global Talent Deficit of more than 85.2 Million Workers by 2030”.

The most successful businesses will be those that will make a priority in reevaluating their talent strategies and attraction campaigns, in upskilling or reskilling their existing employees and enable them to adapt with the shifting demands of the business – and evolve.

So how can we future-proof our workforce for the digital era?

Join the only gathering in Romania for innovative HR leaders representing the largest companies in the world and get ready for the future of work!

This year, on the 25th and 26th of May, at Qosmo Hotel in Brașov, the Great People Inside Conference: Evolving HR will generate, along these two days, interesting and provocative discussions in regards to the pandemic, accelerated digitization, working from home and the investments made by organizations into their human capital are profoundly changing human resource management practices and the way employees are perceived in an organization, no longer considered a mere resource but viewed from the perspective of their human potential. Furthermore, starting this year you can purchase your two-day pass straight from our event’s website! For more details regarding the event you can check it out here!