Great People Inside Conference “Evolving HR”, Qosmo Hotel, Brașov

Registration is up and running for the Great People Inside Conference: Evolving HR, the only international human resources event that takes place for the XVIIth year in Romania.

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ theory is not restricted to the biological world and the evolution of species, but rather it could be regarded as a general law when it comes to anything that implies competition; if we take that into consideration, then we should ask ourselves: is there anything more competitive than the business world with its fierce battle for talent?

In today’s business environment, with digitization impacting traditional business rules, the need for an agile, responsive and adaptive work force has never been stronger. The talent landscape is now generating the largest disruption business has ever seen – employees feel empowered and in control to decide on how, when and where they work, what they work on, and if they want to engage with certain companies or not.

A Korn Ferry study reveals that “global talent shortage could threaten business growth around the world and indicates potential Global Talent Deficit of more than 85.2 Million Workers by 2030”.

The most successful businesses will be those that will make a priority in reevaluating their talent strategies and attraction campaigns, in upskilling or reskilling their existing employees and enable them to adapt with the shifting demands of the business – and evolve.

So how can we future-proof our workforce for the digital era?

Join the only gathering in Romania for innovative HR leaders representing the largest companies in the world and get ready for the future of work!

This year, on the 25th and 26th of May, at Qosmo Hotel in Brașov, the Great People Inside Conference: Evolving HR will generate, along these two days, interesting and provocative discussions in regards to the pandemic, accelerated digitization, working from home and the investments made by organizations into their human capital are profoundly changing human resource management practices and the way employees are perceived in an organization, no longer considered a mere resource but viewed from the perspective of their human potential. Furthermore, starting this year you can purchase your two-day pass straight from our event’s website! For more details regarding the event you can check it out here!

Great People Inside Conference: HR (R)Evolution – 11,12 October Brasov, Romania

Registration for the Great People Inside Conference: “The New World of Work” – the only international event held in Romania for 14 consecutive years –  has started!

We are currently at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution.
Professional transformations are set in motion by globalisation and technological revolutions, especially a digital revolution – going from mechanical technology towards digital technology. The speed at which these changes are occurring is not going to slow down – in the next 20 years we will witness a continuous revolution of the workplace and workforce, marked by volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

The Great People Inside Conference: HR (R)Evolution, which will take place on 11&12 Octomber 2017 at Kronwell Hotel, Brasov, Romania,  will launch into interesting and challenging discussions regarding the pace of technological changes being made, the effects it has on jobs and the implications it has on HR, organisations, and employees.

A unique concept bringing together business representatives, entrepreneurs, managers, specialists and researchers in the field of human resources from all industries; psychologists, representatives of central and local authorities, large consulting companies, as well as internationally renowned experts from the United States of America, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The 2-day programme combines thematic presentations, bold conversations and group discussions in an interesting manner, with the purpose of discovering techniques and strategies that will determine success in the near future, eliminating the uncertainty of this transitional moment and preparing for the rapid changes that occur in the workforce.

An event dedicated to sharing ideas, inspiration and information regarding the future of work.

For more information, please visit the conference’s dedicated website.


This year’s edition of the Great People Inside annual conference has concluded!

Great People Inside Conference “The New World of Work” represented the most significant event of the year 2016 in the field of human resources in Romania, reuniting over 360 participants, among which were human resource managers and specialists from all industries, psychologists, young entrepreneurs, business-minded people, representatives of the largest consultancy companies, leaders of associations from various economic areas, as well as internationally renowned speakers.

We strongly believe that our guests’ presence, distinction and receptivity have been an important part of the conference’s success. We thank you for your support and we hope that you will participate in our future endeavours.

You can see the photos from the event by visiting our Facebook page Here.

To download the speakers’ presentations , please click Here.

Videos and footage of the event will be uploaded on our Youtube channel starting with 15th of November 2016.


Contempo Cars Brasov – Partner of the Great People Inside Conference: The New World of Work

BMW is the official car of the Great People Inside Conference: The New World of Work, the most prestigious HR event of 2016. Contempo Cars Brasov, BMW dealer, a model of innovation and leadership, will provide the organisers with the following BMW cars and limousines: BMW X3 2.0d xDrive, BMW X5 4.0d xDrive, BMW 750Ld xDrive, BMW 750Li xDrive, BMW 525d xDrive in order to ensure top quality transportation during the event.

Founded in 2001, the regional BMW dealership located in Brasov is one of the most important dealers in Romania and is a member of the largest BMW dealers association in Central and East Europe: Automobile Bavaria Group. The Contempo Cars showroom is located on D.N.1, as you exit Brasov towards Predeal, on the left side of the road. Besides its impressive variety of brand new BMW cars, Contempo also has a specialised car service, offering premium sales and post-sales services to every client in the area.

In addition to the brand new BMW car models it possesses, Contempo Cars also delivers second hand vehicles, through its platform, which comes with a BMW quality guarantee certificate. For all second hand BMWs, you also get a full service history of the car and 24 months warranty with the possibility of acquiring the car through leasing.

In 2016, Contempo Cars Brasov was recognised as the best Central and Eastern Europe BMW dealership in history, for meeting the BMW standards for repair procedures. Throughout the years, Contempo Cars Brașov has endorsed numerous local cultural activities, besides the usual endavours specific to the automotive industry. For more information on the event and how to register, click here:



Great People Inside – Finalists at EuroCloud Congress 2016 for “Best Cloud Start-up Service”

Great People Inside was among the 3 finalists for Best Cloud Start-up Service at the EuroCloud Congress 2016. We are deeply honoured to have made the finals among the top international Cloud providers. We are also proud that, during this past year, Great People Inside has evolved from a local start-up developed in Bucharest to an international company based in Singapore, having representative offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organisation and consists of a two-tier setup where every European country can apply to participate in as long as they respect the EuroCloud Statutes. The Mission of EuroCloud EuropeEuroCloud Europe is a pan-European cloud innovation hub, a completely vendor neutral knowledge sharing network between Cloud Computing Customers and Providers, Start-ups and Research centres.

EuroCloud builds strong Relationships with local governments and the European Commission and supports a stimulating environment for the development and growth of Cloud Computing. EuroCloud sees Cloud Computing as one of the most important drivers of a knowledge based society, where physical resources are optimised and shared resources are common.


Dan Hill – Key Note Speaker at the Great People Inside Conference “The New World of Work” 12-13 October 2016, Kronwell Hotel, Brasov, Romania

Dan HillDan Hill will be a Key Note Speaker at the Great People Inside Conference “The New World of Work” 12-13 October 2016 at Kronwell Hotel, Brasov Romania. Dan is an internationally recognized expert on emotions as captured through the facial coding tool made famous by Gladwell’s bestseller Blink and Fox’s hit series “Lie to Me.” Five of the seven universal, core emotions facial coding reveals were also highlighted in Pixar’s Inside Out. Dan’s work spans applications from market research to legal, behavioral finance, and professional sports as well as to analysis of executives, politicians and cultural icons in serving as a facial expressions biographer of famous, newsworthy individuals.
Dan has appeared on TV on CNN, PBS, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ESPN, Tennis Channel, NBC’s “The Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Radio appearances include the BBC and NPR’s “Marketplace.” Besides a front-page profile in The New York Times, other print and web coverage runs the gamut from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, Politico, Advertising Age, Kiplinger’s, Allure, and China Forbes to Reuters. Dan has been a highly successful speaker before audiences in over 20 countries.


In addition to being the recipient of 10 U.S. patents related to facial coding, the tool Dan brought into market research as a pioneer in the field, Dan is the author of five books: Body of Truth: Leveraging What Consumers Can’t or Won’t Say (Wiley & Sons 2003), Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success (Kogan Page 2008), Face Time: How the 2008 Presidential Race Reveals the Importance of Being On-Emotion in Politics, Business and Life (Adams 2008), About Face: The Secrets of Emotionally Effective Advertising(Kogan Page 2010), and On-Emotion: Salvaging Market Research (Adams 2013). Dan received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University, following studies at Brown University, Oxford University and St. Olaf College and lives with his wife, Karen, in St. Paul.

 If you want to personally meet Dan Hill, we’ll see you at the Great People Inside Conference: The New World of Work.

For more information about the event, click here.

 The Great People Inside Conference Sponsors English

Great People Inside Conference: The New World of Work – 12,13 October Brasov, Romania

Registration for the Great People Inside Conference: “The New World of Work” has started!

The event taking place between 12th and 13th October 2016, at Kronwell Hotel, Brasov, Romania,  is an unique concept bringing together business representatives, entrepreneurs, managers, specialists and researchers in the field of human resources from all industries, psychologists, representatives of central and local authorities, large consulting companies, as well as internationally renowned experts from the United States of America, Denmark, Israel, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates.

“The New World of Work” conference will generate exciting and challenging discussions on the changing nature of work, providing at the same time, practical strategies and insights about how these challenges can be harnessed as opportunities for innovation and development.

Event Partners: Polipol, Contempo Cars, Romanian Software, Tuborg, EximBank, ICF România, Wellington,  AON, BestSmart Consulting, Benefit, Oracle, Hațegan Attorneys, Exelo, Kirchhoff Automotive, MaxRelax, UP Romania, HTI Romania, PP Romania, AHK, Wine in Business.

Supported by: Steaua CSM EximBank, Daiana Stoicescu & YouAreMore.

Media Partners: Realitatea TV, KISS FM, Mix TV, Mix 2 TV, Revista Cariere, HR Manager, 4Career, Learn&Go, Stirea,,, Revista Metropola, Prețul Zilei, myTEX, Braș, Monitorul Expres, Radio Brașov, Jurnalul de Maine. 

For more details, you can access the website dedicated to the event here.