Jump the S-Curve to reach your inflection point for rapid growth

Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world has gone through incredible and irreversible changes. During these, until recently, unfathomable times, strong leadership is required to properly deal with this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. 

To maintain a sustainable business, companies must have leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to steer the organization away from chaos. The question now is whether or not these leaders can be inspired to deal with the adversity ahead. 

Great People Inside is proud to announce that we support the most inspiring leadership event of the year, the Global Leadership eSummit 2020. This two-day online event will host five of the world’s top gurus in areas such as leadership, coaching, mentoring, and talent maximization experts who will share their wisdom, methods, and techniques that could be very easily applied to your organization. 

One of the events’ highlights will be represented by Dr. Peter Chee’s presentation. He is the no.1 Coach for Strategic Innovation and one of the top coaches in the world. Furthermore, Dr. Peter Chee is the President & CEO of ITD World, a global leadership development expert with over 30 years of experience in developing leaders from over 80 countries. He has invented numerous coaching programs such as Coaching for Breakthrough Success (CBS) Metta Model, the Coaching Principles (TCP), Situational Coaching Model (SCM) and Achievers Coaching Techniques (ACT). Among his myriad of accolades, we have to take into account the fact that he has co-authored several books and has trained numerous CEOs and CXOs from organizations ranging from Intel and Chevron to PepsiCo and Nike. 

As a special treat for our subscribers, Great People Inside is excited and honored to reveal that Dr. Peter Chee will be our main Key Note Speaker for next year’s Great People Inside Conference which will take place between the 13th and 14th of October 2021. 

Learn and apply effective techniques and best practices to overcome internal and external obstacles to reach your inflection point, pivot away from stagnation, and reach to rapid growth stage.

Network and learn from mega gurus, top leaders, key talents, and industry captains so you and your team can begin charting your path towards exponential growth.

When you sign up today, you gain access to a bonus free coaching toolkit and assessment worth USD500 from World #1 Executive Coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and World #1 Strategic Innovation Coach Dr. Peter Chee.

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Internationally acclaimed experts in HR at the Great People Inside Conference: Visionary HR

Since 2009, over 16 billion dollars have been invested in HR technologies, 6, 5 billion of which have been invested just in the last couple of years. (Source: CB Insights/cbinsights.com). At this rate, it has been estimated that investments in the global human resource management (HRM) sector will reach 30 billion dollars by 2025.

In other words, the creation of innovative HR solutions is in a continuous expansion, whilst the field of human resources is currently experiencing a fantastic influx of innovation. The business landscape is changing fast due to technological advancements, extensive disruptions in the labor market and geopolitical uncertainties.

With the sheer amount of technology now used in the workplace, we are almost spoilt for choice, but that constitutes a problem in itself. With so many technological choices and data available, we haven’t figured yet how to best use or interpret it all. Thus, processes need to be simplified. Data is essential to the success of every business, but too much is going to disrupt a company’s activity. Instead, the focus should be on better understanding of what is and isn’t useful, concentrating solely on what data really matters. Less is more, as they say.

Therefore, how is the work environment evolving in order to tackle such problems? And can they be solved once and for all?

How can we make sure business and employees alike are prepared to take full advantage of what the future world of work has to offer?

The answer to all these questions, and many more, can be found by participating at the Great People Inside Conference “Visionary HR”, which will be held on the 9th and 10th of October 2019 at Kronwell Hotel in Brasov, Romania.

The conference now at its XVIth consecutive edition represents the most prestigious HR event in Romania and its putting together an impressive speaker line-up, gathering experts from Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, United States of America, but also Romania’s most prominent HR executives and innovators, a community of hundreds of decision makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, technology buyers, and disruptors who create the future of work.

The event will feature high-profile Key Note Speakers like: Wilmar Schaufeli, one of the authors for the Job-Demands Resouces model, the most popular one in organizational health psychology. His main research field is occupational health psychology. Initially, he was interested in job stress and burnout but currently he also focuses on positive occupational health, notably work engagement. He is one of the authors of the Job-Demands Resources model, which is currently the most popular model in occupational health psychology. With over 500 articles, chapters and books, Dr. Schaufeli is a prolific Highly Cited Researcher, ranking among the top 1% in his field.

William G. Harris, CEO at Association of Test Publishers (ATP), the leading global trade organization for publishers, developers, and users of assessment programs for the purpose of education, certification, and licensure. Besides the fact that he is a licensed psychologist, Dr. Harris is an internationally recognized advocate and expert for the assessment community on data protection, privacy, copyright, and technology-based assessment standards. Dr. Harris’s responsibilities include the development and execution of the ATP global strategic plan.

Besides the two top names who are coming for the 1st time at the Great People Inside Conference, we will be welcoming back, upon express request from our participants, one of the most successful speakers from our previous editions: Dan Hill, the internationally recognized expert in reading facial microexpressions through the facial coding, tool made famous by the hit series “Lie to Me” and bestseller “Blink” and he will present his latest research during the conference in Brasov.

Come and meet the leaders who are not only thinking about the solutions for the changes ahead, but actually laying the foundation for that future today.

For more details about the event please access: http://greatpeopleinside.com/conference2019/en/home

Great People Inside Conference “Visionary HR”, Kronwell Hotel, Brașov

Registration is up and running for the Great People Inside Conference: Visionary HR, the only international human resources event that takes place for the XVIth consecutive year in Romania.

Anthropologist and Pulitzer winner, Jared Diamond declared that ‘a society’s ability to grow/expand and make new conquests is directly linked with its availability of embracing innovative and disruptive technologies.’ Nowadays, at the end of each year, it has become the norm to ‘start the race’ in predicting future trends in any industry imaginable and HR is no different. However, predictions have never been easy to make. As Philip E. Tetlock stated – Professor of Psychology and Political Sciences at both the University of Pennsylvania and at Wharton School of Business – we are facing an uphill battle in our capacity to forecast future trends of events.

Visionaries (innovators and ‘early adopters’ alike) are the people who are setting new standards, are changing the status quo and creating new possibilities. Just think about the vision necessary to allow people to fly for the first time at the beginning of the 20th century.

At this rate, it has been estimated that investments in the global sector of human resource management (HRM) will reach 30 billion dollars in 2025.

In other words, the creation of innovative HR solutions is in a continuous expansion, whilst the field of human resources is currently experiencing a fantastic influx of innovation.

Uncertainty in the current economic climate, the progresses made in the field of technology and the extensive disruptions in the labor market have put organizations under more pressure than ever before.

Although predicting the future is troublesome, it is also essential to identify and to understand social, economic and technological fundamental trends or ‘mega trends’ which will affect organizations in the next ten to twenty years in order to anticipate and prepare ourselves for the transformations that will supersede.

This year, on the 9th and 10th of October, at Kronwell Hotel in Brașov, the Great People Inside Conference: Visionary HR will generate, along these two days, interesting and provocative discussions in regards to modern pressing issues such as digitalization, artificial intelligence, autonomous learning and current technologies are profoundly changing the management practices of HR and the way in which we can create a future centred on people. For more details regarding the event you can check it out here!

parteneri conferinta great people inside


Anatomy of a Future HR Leader

Extract from an article published in HR Magazine:

“What should the HR leader of tomorrow look like? A seemingly simple question… The answer though is a much more complex – or perhaps alarmingly short and unilluminating – ‘we just don’t know’. And it’s safe to say that tomorrow’s world will be even more difficult to forecast moment to moment. Which means predicting the exact technical skills HR professionals will need – in a future characterised by continual reskilling and ‘agile learning’ for all parts of the workforce – will become an increasingly fraught endeavour.

The one thing we do know, however, is that to survive and thrive in the future world of work – particularly when it comes to leadership positions – professionals will need to be able to stay resilient, positive, open-minded and strategically-savvy in the face of sudden dramatic changes of direction. This was the conclusion a panel of top current and former HRDs (representing the public, private and third sectors) came to when they met towards the end of last year to discuss the topic with HR magazine; and to help compile an assessment, in partnership with psychometrics firm Great People Inside (GPI), to see whether those on track to be HR leaders have what it takes.

Our panel chose nine dimensions (see box below), selecting for each where HR business partners (HRBPs) should sit along a sliding scale of one to 10 to have HR leadership potential. Stress and resilience, engagement, curiosity and self-awareness, and a VUCA approach were qualities our panel decided the HR leader of the future should possess in particularly strong amounts  (i.e. the more resilient, engaged, curious and VUCA-ready the better).”

To read the full article, please access this link.


The surprising psychometric profile of an HR leader

Extract from an article published in People Management Magazine:

“People Management partnered with a new entrant to the UK assessment market – Great People Inside (GPI) – to piece together the essential validated psychometric dimensions of HR directors. It was a process that began with Tim Baker, consultant in the HR practice at Odgers Berndtson, designing a bespoke assessment based on his widespread experience of which requirements were most relevant to HR roles.

We then asked 24 experienced and demonstrably successful senior HR professionals (assisted by Baker and Paul McNamara at Eton Bridge Partners) to take an assessment covering their cognitive processes, behavioural traits and interests. Our subjects spanned a range of public, private and third sector organisations – from large telecoms providers to government departments and award-winning SMEs. ”

To read the full article, please access this link.

What Makes a Great CPO?

Extract from an article published in Supply Management Magazine:

“There are more than 96,000 procurement and supply professionals in the UK alone, according to CIPS estimates. For the ambitious among this large group, there exist only a handful of strategic CPO roles to compete for. So what helps someone get there? Is there a secret sauce of competencies, skills and behaviours that the best of the best have in common? It’s something SM set out to explore in a first-of-its-kind study to assess the psychometric make-up of forward-thinking procurement leaders.

We handpicked 45 CPOs from large, global organisations, including FTSE-100 listed multinationals, government departments and high street brands, and put them through the Great People Inside Full Spectrum, a completely new assessment platform just launched in the UK by psychometric assessment company Great People Inside (GPI).”

To read the full article, please access this link.


Great People Inside featured in ‘Executive Recruiting for Dummies’

We are really proud and honoured to be featured in the ‘Executive Recruiting for Dummies‘ as one of the best assessment and development solutions for recruitment.  For Dummies is the world’s bestselling reference brand. Each and every day, Dummies products are in the news, on bestseller lists, and, most important, helping customers turn “I can’t” into “I can.” This book offers great insight on how to find and hire the best candidates that “fit” into their company and for the job. You can also discover how to keep engagement soaring high long after the post-hire “honeymoon period”.

Executive Recruiting for Dummies is exactly what you expect from this type of book. It is easy to read and understand and it is written by industry giants: David Perry and Mark J. Haluska. They have a success rate of 99.54% in their endeavours to find the best candidates for the companies that asked for their services.

We all know recruiting can be difficult, because a bad hire can negatively influence your finances and that is why you do not wish to make a mistake. David Perry has expressed his satisfaction with our products having used them in his recruitment process personally: “As you will read in the book, we had an impressive success rate using Great People Inside – one of the best assessment and development solutions I have personally experienced. This Next Generation People Intelligence Platform is based on cutting-edge technology, and is probably today’s most advanced and innovative solution. It’s cloud-based, configurable and customisable to meet exactly your needs.”

If you feel this book is for you we recommend you buy it before March 20th. If you do, you will be entitled to exclusive professional bonuses which include never seen before content from: Amy Karam (The China Factor), Steve O’Hanlon (The Digital Bank Revolution for Dummies), Ron Wiens (Building Organisations that Leap Tall Buildings), Timothy Keiningham (The Wallet Allocation Rule) and last but not least Dan Hill (Emotionomics).
By reading Executive Recruiting for Dummies, readers will also learn:

  • Tips on assembling a first-class search team
  • How to research, find and successfully engage top candidates who aren’t even looking for work
  • How to create a robust and in-depth interview process
  • Secrets on closing the deal
  • Why hiring a large executive search firm can be one of your biggest mistakes


On top of that, you also get the chance to try out for free the best software tools for recruiting offered by Great People Inside.  For purchases or more information on the bonuses, please visit this page.


Great People Inside – Finalists at EuroCloud Congress 2016 for “Best Cloud Start-up Service”

Great People Inside was among the 3 finalists for Best Cloud Start-up Service at the EuroCloud Congress 2016. We are deeply honoured to have made the finals among the top international Cloud providers. We are also proud that, during this past year, Great People Inside has evolved from a local start-up developed in Bucharest to an international company based in Singapore, having representative offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organisation and consists of a two-tier setup where every European country can apply to participate in as long as they respect the EuroCloud Statutes. The Mission of EuroCloud EuropeEuroCloud Europe is a pan-European cloud innovation hub, a completely vendor neutral knowledge sharing network between Cloud Computing Customers and Providers, Start-ups and Research centres.

EuroCloud builds strong Relationships with local governments and the European Commission and supports a stimulating environment for the development and growth of Cloud Computing. EuroCloud sees Cloud Computing as one of the most important drivers of a knowledge based society, where physical resources are optimised and shared resources are common.


Great People Inside has won the Eurocloud Romania 2016 award for ”Best Cloud Start-up”

Great People Inside has won the Eurocloud Romania 2016 award for ”Best Cloud Start-up” with our fully customisable assessment and development platform GR8PI. As winners of the national EuroCloud Awards we will participate at the EuroCloud Europe competition 2016.

As an active member of the EuroCloud community, the EuroCloud Romania association represents a binding agent between the cloud industry, the users of the cloud computing services and the legislative branches from Romania and Europe. EuroCloud Romania is also a member of the EuroCloud Council.

EuroCloud Romania acts as a colective voice of the Romanian cloud computing industry in order to allow the development of a local cloud ecosystem and to increase visibility of Romanian cloud solutions.

On top of that, EuroCloud Romania serves as a strategic partner of the multinational and Romanian corporations that want to raise the awareness of the cloud services in Romania, through awareness and educational activities and by moderating the active community of the cloud computing industry from Romania.

”This year again we are glad to see the constant engagement for quality and openness to the international markets of the Romanian cloud providers. The cloud model cancels geographical barriers and opens new markets for the local suppliers, and the Romanian cloud solution providers understand and leverage this advantage with success.”

For more details about the EuroCloud Romania Awards 2016, please visit: http://www.eurocloud.ro/en/eurocloud-announces-the-winners-of-the-eurocloud-romania-awards-2016-competition/


Algorithm vs. Human Instinct

Everyone wants to have the best people in the right positions. But how exactly can you accomplish this?

This is where HR steps in. Most people underestimate its importance, but studies have shown the great hidden impact that great HR can have on any organisation.

Watson Wyatt surveyed 405 publicly traded companies of all types, posing 72 wide-ranging questions on everything from training to workplace culture to communications. In order to come up with a so-called Human Capital Index (HCI) score for each company, a statistical formula was applied (HCI measures how well an organisation makes use of the ability of an individual to perform. A higher human capital index indicates better management of human capital by the organisation. It is measured on a scale of 100). Then the subject companies were sorted into three HCI-rating categories: low, medium, and high. The companies in the high-HCI group delivered a 103 percent total return to shareholders over a five-year period, compared to 53 percent for low-HCI and 88% for medium-HCI companies.

While psychometric testing and performance prediction have evolved considerably over the past 100 years, their value is often under appreciated. In this article from thepsychologist.bps.org.uk,  two critical lessons from this broad field of research are highlighted. Namely, research on performance prediction has taught us the importance of choosing the right people and using the right tools to do so.

As it is mentioned in the article, selecting the right candidates is an important goal, but we must not forget about the one with equal importance – screening out undesirable candidates. The consequences of choosing the wrong people can be extremely detrimental for the company, as they lead to increased turnover rates, higher recruitment costs, and training expenses, along with lost productivity and decreases in morale among all employees. The high costs associated with replacing poorly performing individuals make it all the more important to identify and select the best performers in the first place.

This is where you have to ask yourselves: on what should I base my decision when selecting a new candidate? Human instinct or a pre-employment assessment system? The thing is – people are very good at identifying what exactly it’s needed for a certain position in their company and at extracting information from the candidates, but they are doing poor at interpreting the results. The analysis made by Harvard Business Review (HBR) on 17 studies of applicant evaluations shows that a simple equation outperforms human decisions by at least 25%. This is valid for any situation with a large number of candidates – no matter if the job is on the front line, middle management, or in the C-suite.

There are also several other benefits to the company that an employment evaluation system can bring. It provides leaders with valuable information not only about their candidates, but also about their existing employees. This helps you identify their development needs and their strongest abilities, which you can improve, based on the given feedback.

This doesn’t mean that you should completely remove the human judgment from the equation.

A great way to make the best decisions would be to use exclusively the assessment systems in order to narrow down the number of possible candidates to only a few before you involve any human judgment. Afterwards, you can make the final decision by consulting with the managers that you trust the most.

In order for the assessments to be successful, there are certain rules that must be respected:

  • Understanding the importance of the assessment process and it’s role in identifying the performance levels can lead to the success or failure of the process
  • Respecting the methodology suggested and agreed upon by the company leads to maintaining the objectivity, regardless of who is being assessed
  • Encouraging employees to get involved in a permanent self assessment process and ask for feedback. This leads to self-motivation and engagement.
  • Follow up the assessment. The assessed employee and the assessor will meet for a follow up session to analyse and discuss results, certain situations and evaluate the potential solutions for the identified problems, which leads to mid-term and long-term development.

 If you need more information about how the assessment system works, get in touch with a consultant now!