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Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world has gone through incredible and irreversible changes. During these, until recently, unfathomable times, strong leadership is required to properly deal with this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. 

To maintain a sustainable business, companies must have leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to steer the organization away from chaos. The question now is whether or not these leaders can be inspired to deal with the adversity ahead. 

Great People Inside is proud to announce that we support the most inspiring leadership event of the year, the Global Leadership eSummit 2020. This two-day online event will host five of the world’s top gurus in areas such as leadership, coaching, mentoring, and talent maximization experts who will share their wisdom, methods, and techniques that could be very easily applied to your organization. 

One of the events’ highlights will be represented by Dr. Peter Chee’s presentation. He is the no.1 Coach for Strategic Innovation and one of the top coaches in the world. Furthermore, Dr. Peter Chee is the President & CEO of ITD World, a global leadership development expert with over 30 years of experience in developing leaders from over 80 countries. He has invented numerous coaching programs such as Coaching for Breakthrough Success (CBS) Metta Model, the Coaching Principles (TCP), Situational Coaching Model (SCM) and Achievers Coaching Techniques (ACT). Among his myriad of accolades, we have to take into account the fact that he has co-authored several books and has trained numerous CEOs and CXOs from organizations ranging from Intel and Chevron to PepsiCo and Nike. 

As a special treat for our subscribers, Great People Inside is excited and honored to reveal that Dr. Peter Chee will be our main Key Note Speaker for next year’s Great People Inside Conference which will take place between the 13th and 14th of October 2021. 

Learn and apply effective techniques and best practices to overcome internal and external obstacles to reach your inflection point, pivot away from stagnation, and reach to rapid growth stage.

Network and learn from mega gurus, top leaders, key talents, and industry captains so you and your team can begin charting your path towards exponential growth.

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