How it works

The traditional “one size fits all” solutions used to attract, assess, select, develop, and retain people are poorly, if at all, meeting the needs and requirements of modern organizations. That’s why Great People Inside has invested hundreds of years of collective, international know-how in creating GR8PI, the Cloud-based “Next Generation People Intelligence Platform”. GR8PI empowers you to embrace the complete life cycle of employees and executives; from talent acquisition and on-boarding, talent growth and development to employee assessment and performance management.

Top Sales World has nominated Great People Inside, in December 2019, among the top 10 systems in the world for the assessment of human resources. Additionally, Great People Inside solutions are among the top 15 assessment tools in the world, used in increasing and accelerating sales through specific job match analyses.

Great People Inside appreciates that every organization is unique; those organizations spend millions on defining, developing, and implementing those very specific leadership competencies, that very specific culture, that state-of-the-art customer service, those distinguished values and dynamics etc. uniquely creating their business advantage and success. In other words, we understand that your organization’s uniqueness and greatness cannot, and should not, rely on a “one size fits all” approach.