M62 Corridor FREE Accreditation Day – 24th March, 2020

Why not join us and let’s take the first steps toward a successful 2020 together?

You’ll become a GPI Channel Partner with a new proposition that:

  1. adds a new, profitable, income stream, not dependent on your time
  2. works perfectly with your current client-base

And, after just one (free) day, you’ll be capable of:

  1. using GPI assessments with your clients
  2. leaving them with clients when you’re not there, still earning money
  3. understanding GPI’s USPs
  4. understanding the platform and assessments, setting up assessments, producing and understanding our reports
  5. earning income that doesn’t rely on selling your time

What will it cost you to come? A day of your time (we don’t charge for accreditation or for joining our network and there are no costs other than for the assessments you sell to your clients).

What will you gain if you come? A new income stream, a high residual income, something new to offer existing, former and potential clients.

More important is what you’ll miss if you don’t come…….

More information

To register for the event, go to: http://bit.ly/GPI_Accreditation_Day_M62_Corridor_2020