Poor Sales Recruitment

Poor sales recruitment? It’s not my fault!

If HR is responsible for recruitment in your organisation – but keeps recruiting poor sales people – it may not be your fault – but it IS your problem.

And if it’s your problem shouldn’t you have (a lot of) input into getting it resolved? That’s unless it provides a convenient excuse (‘we would be doing better, boss, if HR didn’t keep recruiting these ****** **** Sales Execs.’).

As a Sales leader, you’re responsible for the performance of your team and need to improve your recruitment process so that you can ensure successful salespeople keep coming into your company.

A typical sales force

Often, your sales force will look like this:

Only 16% of a salesforce are typically considered as successful workers

Think about the last time you recruited a top performer. Now, think about the last time you recruited a poor performer.

Did you do anything different in your recruitment process?

Probably not, yet you got very different results.

You need to be able to identify why some salespeople are more successful than others. Your current recruitment process is clearly not doing that so is no longer fit for purpose. If you want better results, you must fix your hiring process.

When your process doesn’t identify who will (and won’t) perform, you waste:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money

You can save money immediately by adopting a new selection process.

Improve your chances of success

Flipping a coin gives you a 50/50 chance of success – although, clearly, this also results in failure half of the time.

By improving your recruitment process, you give yourself much better than just a 50/50 chance

But taking a more scientific approach to recruitment, you remove much of your operation’s downside costs.

These include:

  1. Frequent employee turnover – even from good people
  2. Recruiting & training of replacements
  3. Lost sales through an empty seat during recruitment & induction training
  4. Wasted investment in salary & training for someone that doesn’t make it

If you’re happy with the status quo, good luck!

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