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Lockdown is not the real world – managing long-term homeworking

Effective Homeworking after the pandemic The current pandemic has brought homeworking kicking and screaming to the top of many organisations’ agendas – whether they wanted it to or not. But whether future homeworking in your organisation is a by-product of the pandemic or the culmination of a long considered plan, there are many things you […]

Outplacement Assessment & Coaching from Great People Inside

If redundancies look inevitable, give loyal employees a soft landing and maintain your employer brand… Redundancy has been a fact of business life for decades. When financial crises, individual company issues or business restructuring create the need to preserve organisations, individual employees often bear the brunt of circumstances outside their control. Never was this more […]

Developing your High Performance Salesforce

Developing your High-Performance Salesforce If you were starting from scratch, would you design the salesforce you’ve got today? Probably not but then few of us start with the luxury of a clean slate. Instead, the group you have is an amalgam of the people you inherited and the people you’ve recruited since you took over […]

The Reality of Working From Home

The Reality of Working From Home When you imagine working from home, does it look a little like your home? It probably does – after all it may be the only reference point you have. But how much do you know about the living circumstances of your team? Home is now their place of work, […]

Poor Sales Recruitment

Poor sales recruitment? It’s not my fault! If HR is responsible for recruitment in your organisation – but keeps recruiting poor sales people – it may not be your fault – but it IS your problem. And if it’s your problem shouldn’t you have (a lot of) input into getting it resolved? That’s unless it […]

Hiring Freeze

Hiring Freeze? Unfreeze your existing sales assets! When businesses introduce a hiring freeze, 3 things tend to happen: 1. You wish you’d recruited quicker for that vacancy.2. You rethink whether now’s the right time to get rid of any underperforming members of staff, knowing they won’t be replaced any time soon. 3. Your sales targets […]

Want more sales?

Want more sales? Improve information when you recruit. Picture the scene: you’ve just recruited an amazing new salesperson from your competitor. They’ve always been a highflier for your rival, and now you want them to work the same magic for you. Yet, despite a huge contact list, the sales figures don’t materialise. Your new recruit […]

Recruitment Roulette

Recruitment Roulette – Are you a player? Whatever your business spends money on needs to offer a good return on investment. It’s the same when recruiting a new salesperson! Forget Casinos, bookmakers’ shops or online Bingo – recruiting someone into your salesforce is a gamble. Every day, businesses across the world employ: Salespeople who can’t […]

Recruiting salespeople is a hazardous business

Slips, trips and falls – Recruiting salespeople is a hazardous business Did you know that 80% of employee turnover is caused by poor hiring decisions? You always look for the best candidate when recruiting salespeople. You probably use the same recruitment process every time. Why, then, does every salesforce have a mixture of top, average […]

M62 Corridor FREE Accreditation Day – 24th March, 2020

Why not join us and let’s take the first steps toward a successful 2020 together? You’ll become a GPI Channel Partner with a new proposition that: adds a new, profitable, income stream, not dependent on your time works perfectly with your current client-base And, after just one (free) day, you’ll be capable of: using GPI […]