The surprising psychometric profile of an HR leader

Extract from an article published in People Management Magazine:

“People Management partnered with a new entrant to the UK assessment market – Great People Inside (GPI) – to piece together the essential validated psychometric dimensions of HR directors. It was a process that began with Tim Baker, consultant in the HR practice at Odgers Berndtson, designing a bespoke assessment based on his widespread experience of which requirements were most relevant to HR roles.

We then asked 24 experienced and demonstrably successful senior HR professionals (assisted by Baker and Paul McNamara at Eton Bridge Partners) to take an assessment covering their cognitive processes, behavioural traits and interests. Our subjects spanned a range of public, private and third sector organisations – from large telecoms providers to government departments and award-winning SMEs. ”

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What Makes a Great CPO?

Extract from an article published in Supply Management Magazine:

“There are more than 96,000 procurement and supply professionals in the UK alone, according to CIPS estimates. For the ambitious among this large group, there exist only a handful of strategic CPO roles to compete for. So what helps someone get there? Is there a secret sauce of competencies, skills and behaviours that the best of the best have in common? It’s something SM set out to explore in a first-of-its-kind study to assess the psychometric make-up of forward-thinking procurement leaders.

We handpicked 45 CPOs from large, global organisations, including FTSE-100 listed multinationals, government departments and high street brands, and put them through the Great People Inside Full Spectrum, a completely new assessment platform just launched in the UK by psychometric assessment company Great People Inside (GPI).”

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