The recruitment maze: Adding objectivity to reduce risk to identify top talent

Many of us can agree that recruitment is a risky business. Finding perfect candidates for all roles in your business who will meet the job requirements and excel within your company’s culture is akin to solving a complex puzzle. A recruitment maze. According to industry statistics, only 25% of the selected individuals are top performers. The question is, why does this happen?

How do you reduce risk to identify top talent to join your organisation?

The main challenge in identifying top talent is the need for more objective data available when making hiring decisions. Using more objective data for candidates on an individual basis and applying a human approach in the recruitment maze is discussed in this article.

Without a crystal ball, hiring managers often rely on a limited information set: resumes, reference checks, and gut feeling. While these elements are paramount, they provide only a fraction of the information required to make a well-informed decision.

A solid argument to reduce risk to identify top talent

John and Ronda Hunter’s research in “Validity & Utility of Alternative Predictors of Job Performance”, points out that interviews and background checks provide just 26% of the information required to make a successful hiring decision.

Recruitment maze

This stage is where most selection processes typically end.

How can we gather more valuable objective data to simply the recruitment maze?

The answer lies in measuring cognitive ability, behaviours, occupational interests, and overall “fit”. By incorporating these aspects into the hiring process, you can gather a powerful additional 49% of valuable objective data for candidates at an individual level. In essence, this approach slashes your recruitment risk by almost 50% and enables a greater tapping into the potential of candidates for longer employee engagement.

Making selections for our personal purchases

Think about the last important purchase you made: a new car, a smart TV, or a laptop. Chances are, you didn’t base your decision solely on how it looked. You likely considered various aspects such as performance, features, and how well it suited your needs and wants.

A need to improve the recruitment process

So why do we rely on just 26% of the available information with interviews and background checks when it comes to hiring?

Unsurprisingly, we get it right 25% of the time. It’s like betting on the roulette table or the slot machines. But there’s a better way.

A range of available assessments to help with the recruitment maze

With the advent of next-gen evaluations, you can substantially improve your hiring process. We’ve seen significant results working with clients.

Assessments are available off the shelf for a range of roles, including:

  • Managers
  • Salespeople
  • Customer service representatives
  • Blue collar workers

Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose specific dimensions critical to your business. Dimensions could relate to strategy, managing generations, or promoting a culture of respect, for example.

What’s more, these assessments are easy to use, cost-effective and validated. There’s no need for expensive certification courses. The GR8PI next-gen technology handles interpretation and provides reports in plain language that are easy to understand.

So why not give an assessment a try and see for yourself?

It’s time to break free from the old, ineffective methods and embrace a more data-driven, reliable and informed approach to hiring tomorrow’s talent.

As Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It’s time to change and significantly reduce your recruitment risk while identifying top talent essential for your organisation to thrive. Trial an assessment for free today.