Isn’t it more important to prioritise job fit over white vs blue collar?

Historically, blue collar vs white collar jobs referred to manual labour jobs that involved physical work. In the 1940s, this classification was not only based on the job itself but also on social class. Examples of such occupations include those in the construction, trades, and manufacturing sectors.


Fast forward to today, and collar colours

Today, blue collar jobs form an integral part of the workforce for many organisations, regardless of the industry sector. These individuals serve as the backbone of a company, frequently working in physically demanding environments and can face heightened risk.

Although businesses must prioritise customer satisfaction, ensuring all employees are content and well-suited for their respective roles and company are equally important.


What are the advantages of fit for white v blue collar and all employees?

There are numerous advantages, even in collar colour roles such as blue collar vs white collar jobs. Let’s look at some benefits here.

Any improvement in productivity translates to increased profits regardless of collar colour

A contented team of workers can greatly enhance their own productivity levels. A cheerful workforce creates a favourable work atmosphere that inspires employees to put in extra effort, resulting in improved organisational productivity. As most business people know, any productivity boost translates directly to increased profits.

Keep your top people

Happy employees, regardless of blue collar vs white collar or another collar colour, can also help reduce employee turnover. A high employee turnover rate can cost businesses severely.


According to AHRI, employee turnover costs 1.5 times the employee’s salary. 


Better mental health across all collar colours for jobs

Today, mental health has become a top priority in all workplaces. Employees well-suited to their job roles tend to experience higher satisfaction levels and are more likely to maintain good mental health. These aspects ultimately result in a more secure work setting.


When employees are happy in their jobs, they tend to be more alert and have greater attention to detail. And so, the likelihood of workplace accidents or injuries is reduced. Providing a safe work environment is always a must for organisations.


How to hire the right candidate for blue collar jobs?

Modern psychometric assessments can predict role success with high levels of accuracy. But they are rarely used for wage-based or less-skilled roles due to perceived cost constraints in many instances.


Great People Inside has a solution to this issue for successful business outcomes. Our highly precise psychometric evaluations are unbiased and efficient in assessing candidates for all job levels. From entry-level to executive positions, from the machine room to the boardroom.


The GR8PI platform can design cost-effective assessments to precisely measure fit and what’s essential to each specific role. The result for people in companies is improved productivity, reduced employee turnover, and better mental health.

Are you aware of other collar colours?

In addition to the well-known blue collar and white collar jobs, several other types of jobs are distinguished by collar colour. Each is explained in an article written by Kelly Campbell.

  • Gold collar – Signifies white collar workers with higher skills and are in higher demand. These include doctors, engineers, lawyers, and pilots.
  • Red collar – Refers to workers that work in the government whose salaries come from the red ink budget. This category may also include farmers.
  • Pink collar – An outdated term used to describe sectors historically dominated by women, including nursing and secretarial work.
  • Grey collar – These jobs are often associated with the gig economy or freelance work. Examples of grey collar jobs include graphic design, web development, and writing.
  • Green collar – This is one of the newest additions which refers to jobs in the environment.

We’ve seen the effects. We encourage you to try GPI for blue collar and other roles to make a real difference to your company.