What’s the actual cost of replacing top performers at work?

As a CFO or finance professional, to help determine what’s the actual cost of replacing top performers at work, what if I asked you to rank your team members from top to lower performers?

Your estimate will likely come up with numbers (give or take) that are approximately:

  • 25% of your team are high performers,
  • 50% are average performers, and
  • 25% are below par.

What distinguishes top performers at work?

According to a McKinsey study, high performers are 400% more productive than average performers. And the productivity difference might reach 800% in sophisticated professions such as management or software development. These outstanding performers have distinct cognitive, behavioural, and personality traits.

Identifying these traits and hiring outstanding individuals is likely to result in considerable financial rewards for your company.

These employees not only boost productivity and income production, but they can also improve:

  • staff turnover,
  • management workload, and
  • investor and consumer confidence.

A terrible hire could result in hidden costs, such as

  • lost corporate credibility,
  • greater stress, and
  • worse employee morale.

What’s the bottom line or actual cost of replacing your top performers at work?

The bottom line is that hiring the wrong person can have long-term implications for your organisation. So, getting it right the first time is essential. And it’s scary these costs are not captured in the P&L and that actual costs can show as staggeringly high.

Making another smart investment for your organisation

As a senior finance professional, you recognise the critical nature of making wise investments that yield a good return. However, in my experience, one area in which many firms frequently struggle is how they hire their people. That is, having a consistent replicable process across the organisation that results in the right outcome- a top performer.

Hiring the incorrect individual might cost you far more than you think, with estimates ranging from 30% to 250% of the employee’s compensation.

To solve these recruitment problems and significantly increase the hiring of top performers at work, our award-winning GR8PI assessments can help. The platform provides an easy approach to measuring and qualifying the attributes of high performers. Advanced analytics are employed for a thorough insight into a person’s cognitive ability, behavioural patterns, and professional interests and motivations.

As a result, making it simple to discover outstanding performers and avoid undesirable recruits and costs.

Investing in a recruitment strategy that easily and reliably identifies high performers is critical to the success of any firm. Senior executives we work with improved their ability to identify top performers by 300%.

Renatus Capital Partners, a private equity firm, says it best:

“We use GPI assessments for our own company and all our portfolio companies. Not only do they have tools they can customise for practically every HR situation but the diagnosis around same, advice on which tools to use and the outcomes are priceless.”

Mark Flood , Director – https://renatus.ie/

So, why not contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your company in identifying and hiring top performers?