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Great People Inside (GPI) has been featured on The People Space website in their Tech Hub as one of the top technology innovators in the HR space.

It includes a video interview with Martin Goodwill , CEO of GPI UK and valuable content relating to remote working, the leadership challenge in this VUCA world we live in, and redundancy challenges.

I highly recommend this material to all HR leaders.

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During the past nine months in Australia, many people’s businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. Here at GPI, our thoughts are with the more than 900 families who lost loved ones during this crisis and for those whose livelihoods have been negatively impacted.

Recently though, some green shoots of hope have begun to sprout with domestic flying making a return, vaccines becoming available, and borders reopening in time for Christmas, it appears business conditions will significantly improve in 2021.

With increased demand will come the need to hire additional people, but how can you increase your success rate and hire the right people the first time? And what about the new way of working from home? How will you identify those who will thrive and be productive in a work from home environment?

The traditional recruitment process leaves a lot up to chance. You might sift through a stack of resumes and possibly cover letters trying to narrow down the people with the right experience and qualifications and get a sense of other relevant aspects. You’ll then perform a round of interviews to gauge which candidate sounds and acts right for the role.

You might ask yourself, “does this person have the right skills to perform the job?.. the right credentials?.. enough experience?.. will they fit in with the workplace culture?.. can they bring anything to the table to benefit the business?” While some of these questions can easily be answered with a CV and interview, others are trickier. Some key questions are difficult to answer through the traditional hiring process such as “Will this person be engaged in their work and a great in this role?” “Will this person be capable and productive working remotely?”

Engagement is critical

Great managers and business owners know that higher employee engagement levels in the workplace translate to higher productivity and better company performance. So especially in this current environment, how can hiring managers improve the likelihood of selecting highly engaged top performers?

It all starts with thinking about how potential employees will “fit”, rather than experience, qualifications, and even age and gender. Studies have shown that these factors are not statistical indicators of future top performance in a job, but that ‘fit’ is what counts if you want a high performer.

Following a recruit being let go during probation many of us have heard comments such as “we had to let them go – they just didn’t fit” but what does this actually mean?

‘Fit’ refers to how well a person is suited to their job role and the surrounding workplace culture. Whether or not a person ‘fits’ in a particular position depends on a few factors, for example, their attitude, personality and enthusiasm for the work at hand. To find out which candidate is the right fit for the job and culture, hiring managers must check their biases at the door and use objective information to make their decision. Making this type of decision can be trickier than it sounds, but it is possible.

Assessment tools that allow you to develop a customised profile or model for the role you are hiring for bring objectivity into the hiring process. They validate data on existing performance, job tasks and results so that you hire individuals who are indisputably right for the role.

How does it work?

Hire someone who is objectively the right fit

Choosing the right person for a role can influence how long they stay in the job and how engaged they are with their work. According to Willis Towers Watson, employee engagement is defined as “employees’ willingness and ability to contribute to company success”. According to studies they conducted, businesses can expect a 13.7% rise in net income with engaged employees; I am sure most CEO’s would take this net income increase as a Christmas present!

While this knowledge is widespread with business owners and managers, the wrong people still get hired for roles time and time again. Why? Hiring someone using the traditional interview process and reference checks alone can be a bit of a guessing game. Someone might be highly proficient at talking their way through the interview process, but their skills at talking the talk mightn’t translate to walking the walk in the job.

Validated benchmarkable assessments take the guesswork out of the hiring process. They evaluate information about a person that cannot be determined by a traditional job interview. Instead of solely relying on opinions or a hunch, the assessments we recommend provide you with tools which use objective data to determine whether your candidate is right for the role.

Use your top performers as a benchmark for new talent

When a top performer walks out the door, it often feels like you’re back at square one, scrambling to build your team from the ground up again. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Companies, teams and hiring managers can make the process of replacing top performers easier, while improving their hiring process each time.

The Great People Inside customisable assessment tools we recommend not only provide you with a menu of dimensions you can choose from to measure those key attributes important for your business, but they can also significantly increase your success rate of identifying future superstars. These tools extract information on your best talents’ abilities, personality traits, behaviours, and preferred learning styles. Using this information creates a customised profile for hiring new people who can successfully fill the shoes of your existing and past top performers.

So how do you find out who is best suited to homeworking? published an annual global survey (FIG 1) on homeworking and discovered in 2020 (like in previous years) that the top 3 difficulties people experience with homeworking, worldwide, are not necessarily related to the pandemic and lockdown:

  • collaboration and communication
  • loneliness, and
  • not being able to unplug.

It suggests that many individuals will either need help to overcome these problems or even that, for some people, Working from Home is not a viable option.

Figure 1

Most employees, when asked if they would like to work from home, will answer yes – because they are only looking at the positive aspects of doing so. But this is the homeworking equivalent of asking someone ‘How are you?’ and accepting the answer ‘Fine.’ as confirmation that all is well.

You need a much more scientific approach if you are embarking on an enterprise-wide plan to introduce home working. Certain factors will help employers understand if, and where, their people will need help.

But what are those factors? And how do you measure them?

The Great People Inside difference



As an assessment business, Great People Inside specialises in creating assessments for the development of employees and teams. Although the size of the homeworking challenge is unprecedented, the essential work of analysing and developing your WFH team hasn’t changed – it’s what we do, all day, every day.

And because we customise assessments for specific purposes, we’ve developed a series of new assessments, informed by extensive, independent research, into the characteristics required for people to work, successfully, from home. These validated assessments will allow you not only to undertake a ‘health check’ of all your existing people, but also to identify whether that potential new hire has the capability and attributes required to be a star performer even when they are remote. Most importantly, these assessments will also enable you to respond to what they tell you. With our Partners, we offer individualised online development, provided by subject matter experts, to help your people cope with a new way of working.

The range of fully customisable Great People Inside assessment tools we recommend will enhance your selection process so that you can choose candidates that will help drive team and company performance and answer the question you had when starting the hiring process – “will this person be outstanding in this role even when working from home?” Which, after all, is what recruitment is all about!

If you would like to learn more about the Great People Inside assessments specifically designed for work from home employees and teams please click here to contact us or email [email protected]

Five key tips to encourage new growth in your HR business

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By David Leahy, Director, Great People Inside Australia

In my recent conversations with HR consultants, encouraging new revenue growth, scaling their business and managing business downturn between Melbourne Cup and Australia Day are the challenges that loom large for 2021. However, especially in this uncertain world we live in, there are some unique challenges and barriers for consultants which can stop growth in its tracks.

As an Irish migrant in the 90’s, I was always fascinated when business owners and salespeople told me that “not much” happens business-wise in Australia between Melbourne Cup and Australia Day. When I socialised this generalisation at BBQs, contributing factors such as school holidays, time with family, and great weather were mentioned, nevertheless many heads nodded in agreement.

Forewarned is forearmed, they say, and each year I paid close attention to this period in my planning and introduced various strategies to overcome this decline in “normal” business activity.

A genuine business or a consultancy?

When you take a step back and look at your HR business, is it a consultancy or a genuine business?

In a consultancy, you are paid for your expertise and your time. You may work alone, or you may employ one or two people. Even when you have a constant stream of clients, profitability is a constant struggle. Why? Because there are only so many hours in a day that you and your team can work. There will always be a cap on what you can earn.

There are also diminishing returns. As your workload expands and you employ people, you earn less per hour than just doing the work yourself. It’s a catch 22. You’re either doing too much work yourself to remain profitable or earning a lower margin on your team’s work.

A genuine and sustainable business, on the other hand, is different. Your revenue isn’t limited by your time. There may be multiple income streams that cushion the business from the ups and downs of winning and losing business. It’s possible to grow without chipping away at profitability. Best of all, as a business owner, you can work less while earning more.

If your business is still a consultancy, you’re not alone. Many HR businesses will never evolve beyond that. But if your aspirations are to own a genuine business, it is possible to evolve.

So how can you evolve your consultancy into a sustainable and thriving business in 2021?

Scrutinise your costs

Managing your costs effectively will help you claw back profitability. That may include negotiating a reduction in your rent, sourcing more competitive suppliers, or outsourcing lower-level work to a more junior rather than a senior staff member.

Become more time-efficient

Consultants need to understand how their time is spent and reduce that time where possible. If you or your team are spending too much time on a job, it can blow out costs and make that job unprofitable. Consider ways to bring the time down: improving your systems, processes, and technology are good places to start. Look at whether there are any tasks you can automate or outsource at a lower cost to help you focus more on your clients improving their customer experience with your business.

Price strategically

I’ve written before about how trading time for money is a trap.  Consultants often find their earning potential is limited because they are paid for their time, and there are only so many hours in a day.

The answer is to price based on value or outcome instead of time. Create service packages at a fixed cost, which you know will be profitable. This also makes it easier to raise your prices. Don’t get stuck in a race to the bottom on price. By charging what you’re worth, you can earn more while working less and attract a better client.

Target the right clients

Do you know which clients are your most profitable clients and a good fit for your business? By better understanding this, you can focus your energy on those clients, upsell or cross-sell to them, and seek other potential clients with similar profiles. Having fewer more profitable clients is worth more to your business than having more clients who are less profitable.

Diversify your offering

Diversifying what you offer is an excellent way to grow both your top and bottom line. Are there additional revenue streams that fit well with your existing offering? A great option is to offer a product in addition to your usual services, such as an assessment, survey, or report. These offerings require less of your time, can be sold at a higher volume and with a more reliable profit margin.

There are many online tools out there. You may even have a product already in your portfolio but is it a “me too”? Does it differentiate you from your competitors? Is it the latest technology? How does it support your ability to earn revenue without constant active involvement by you?

Are you looking for ways to differentiate your business?

Great People Inside services are offered in over 20 countries globally. We recently launched in Australia, and we’re in the process of growing and extending our channel and referral partner network.

The Cloud-based GPI People Intelligence Platform is a next-generation platform that provides you with the ability to provide key strategic HR insights and analytics to your clients. Its flexibility is unique as it’s the only fully-customisable psychometric profiling and 360° feedback platform in the world.

For example, are you interested in helping your clients:

  • Identify people who will be productive in a work from home environment?
  • Analyse employees’ alignment with organisational values?
  • Develop a robust selection, onboarding, and development process?
  • Understand the business impacts their top performers contribute?
  • Manage all the generations effectively?

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick and Tick the GPI platform can do this and more.


These days everyone wants choice, and that is precisely what we deliver with GPI. The unique ability to easily customise assessments means you are not restricted to offering assessment tools that measure or analyse what the test provider wants you to measure….you can help your clients measure precisely what’s important to them.

With GPI, you’re not restricted by the status of the role either. Our assessment dimension range is so vast. Our unique pricing models mean you can develop client-focused valid customised assessments regardless of the role position or status in the business. At GPI, we believe everyone in the organisation should be happy in their job and have the same opportunities to ensure they “fit,” and they love their work.

In fact, our mission is “To develop and offer the future’s talent and assessment solution – the Cloud-based GPI People Intelligence Platform – to anyone working with people: Ready-to-use, customisable to meet every need, and affordable to everyone.”

If you’re interested in implementing a strategy that will drive revenue to your business – regardless of the Melbourne Cup or Australia Day – please click here to contact us or email [email protected]